Free-up resources – focus on strategy and performance

By using our managed services, tailored to your needs, your in-house personnel will focus on strategy and performance as we focus on providing a timely and efficient financial and transactional workflow.

Our independence enables us to work objectively, always focused on improving your treasury management.

Our knowledge and experience together with the use of leading-edge technologies provide cost-effective solutions.

We manage your day-to-day treasury tasks

  • Cash pool and liquidity management
  • Current accounts management
  • Multi-currency inter-company funding and lending
  • Foreign exchange and interest rate hedging
  • Risk management
  • Treasury settlements
  • Group reporting and accounting


We manage your global financial risks 

  • Exposures and transactions reported and dealt directly versus the “in-house bank” in our Treasury ERP
  • Proficient management in a multi-currency, multi-bank, multi-jurisdiction environment by our experienced team
  • Daily savings made by dealing in competition and hedging your external exposures via a multibank dealing platform.
  • Confirmations generated  electronically and external deals automatically matched for enhanced control
  • Time and effort saved by using one portal for all bank accounts – settlements made via a multibank EFT platform
  • Operated in a controlled environment with standardized workflows, robust security and segregation of duties
  • Management of your Swiss finance company or branch.